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Customer Reviews

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adhira banerjee
I Have Noticed A Difference

I have noticed a difference and so has my hairdresser. Its just been over a month now. Love your product.

Savitri devi
In The Process

Seems to be helping the longer I use it

Erina j
Baby Hairs tlc hair serumwing Back!!

I have baby hairs alarming to tlc hair serumw! The residue is oil so I'd put it on before bed! I do it everyday. On my third or fourth shipment! Love the hair foam as well!

girija rani
I Think It Works

So I was in kind of a desperate place a while back because I was extremely vitamin deficient, and highly anemic. And I didnt know at the time what was causing my hair loss. Until of course I went to the doctor, but when I was in a very desperate state I wanted to turn to about anything.

rashmi bhatt
Results Not Apparent, But TBD

Not sure if it's effective yet, but still only on month 2.

suma mahto
Great Product!

I love this product! I am on my second bottle and can tell a difference in the thickness of my hair and also see new growth.

tlc hair serumup Serum

My hair was shedding & thinning!! Have used this & TLC HAIR SERUMfor 1 month, the improvement has been AMAZING!! TRULY AMAZING!

asavari rawat
This Stuff Works!!!!

Especially combined with near infrared and Red Light Therapy. What a difference! I used the hair tlc hair serumwth serum.

darpana kham
It's A Great Product And

It's a great product and it smells wonderful.